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The node www.diavlosbooks.com or www.diavlos-books.com (hereinafter referred to as the "node") is the property of the Diavlos  SA Publishing Company (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") and offers its services according to the following terms and conditions. In addition, each service of the node will be subject to the operating terms and policies of each service. User/visitor /client (the "user") of the company and the node explicitly declares that he accepts unconditionally the contents of the following statements and terms of use.
The content of the web pages, texts, graphics, signs, images and windows that appear on the screen, lists and menus, general presentation, files (information, data and images), electronic buttons and programs are property of the company and they are protected by International Conventions and national laws. The composition and collection of the entire content of the site is the exclusive property of the company and is protected by International Conventions and by national laws. The programs and systems that make up the node and they are used by the node are the property of the company or the developers of the node. Any copying, translation, editing, reproduction, transmission, circulation, re-publishing, printing, sale of any part or all of the contents of the web pages of the site is strictly prohibited.
Trademarks and Brand Names
www.diavlosbooks.com , www.diavlos-books.com,  Diavlos SA Book Publishing, as well as the node logos are trade-names or trademarks of the company. Copying, editing, reproducing, transmitting, circulating, re-publishing, printing, using and translating by anyone for any purpose is forbidden.
Use of the node services
No reproduction, modification, copying, sale, resale, or otherwise exploitation of the content of the web pages of the site is allowed. The Company reserves the right to refuse to provide services, terminate accounts, cancel an order at its own discretion, if considers that the user's behavior is in conflict with any law or regulation or is prejudicial to the interests of the company and its affiliates. By using the websites of the node, user states that the company cannot guarantee to prevent damage or loss to user?s computer or  programs. The Company reserves the right to change and/or modify unilaterally any terms and/or provisions of a contract and/or statement or term of use and/or method of using the services of the site and the provisions of this statement.
Right of use and access
Right to use the website and services of the site is provided in accordance with the terms of this statement and the terms, policies and instructions contained on the pages of the site. Where access to web pages is restricted by password, the right to use such pages is limited to the owner of the password, to the exclusion of anyone else. The user, who is the beneficiary of the password, is the only person responsible for keeping it safe. The company does not bear any responsibility for the loss of the password and / or for any use of it by any person who is not the owner of the password, according to the references and records kept by the company.
Special reference to children and minors
The company states that does not consider that the pages of the site are primarily suitable for children and minors. Any of the services of the node that are related to the purchase of items and the use of banking services should be carried out by adult users, who are also solely responsible for the safe storage of their data. Any order and / or purchase through the web pages of the site will be deemed to have been made by the legal owner of the bank, except where it has been proven by a competent court that such data has been stolen.
The pages of the site may contain links to websites that are in the control of the company. The company states, and in turn the users of the site declare, that the company has no responsibility for the content and features of these links. Any copyright with regard to the content of these links and their webpages belong to the owners and / or persons who provide the content of these  links/websites and not to the company.
User Details
During the use of the services of the node, users of the services of the node and the company choose to disclosure their personal data. By registering and/or accepting offering these personal information, users declare that they authorize  company to use personal or banking information to third parties for the purpose of processing their order, or for statistical purposes and purposes.
Content and services
The content and services offered by the node are informative and for the purpose of promoting the services of the node and the company. Nothing in the content of the web pages of the node can be considered  professional advice. Users of the site and the company agree that the company and the node  are not responsible for any loss and / or damage directly and / or indirectly, related to anything published on the pages of the node and / or any service of the node. Users of the site declare that they disclaim any right with respect to any service of the site and the company that originates from any existing or future law anywhere in the world. The company does not guarantee that any services or products it offers through the web pages of the site are available continuously but assures that it does everything possible to ensure the smooth operation of its websites. Any interruption in connection or accessibility of the web pages of the site will not imply any liability on the part of the company.
The company declares that it takes all measures to safely store user data. The company uses state-of-the-art software for the security and integrity of data exchanged over the Internet. Unfortunately, when users enter their information on the pages of the node, there is a chance that data can  be transferred through systems that are not in control of the company. The internet is not 100% safe and somebody can read user data.
Comments, reviews and opinions
The company and the node give users the right to express their views and opinions. The company and the node reserve the right to reject any comments or criticism. By sending their critique or opinion, users give and / or transfer to the company the right to republish, copy, distribute, edit, translate, publish, republish their or comments around the world and in any form.
Comments and copyright complaints
Company respects intellectual property. If you believe that your copyrights have been violated in any way except as provided by this statement, kindly contact us by sending message to info@diavlosbooks.gr
Current legislation and jurisdiction
The node www.diavlosbooks.com,  is controlled by the company Diavlos SA Book Publishing, 72-74 Mavromichali  str,  10680, Athens. The applicable legislation with respect to anything relating to the node and its annexes is that of Hellenic Republic and excludes any provisions expressly or otherwise and also  excludes any principle of Conflict of Laws. Any dispute and any complaint arising with respect to the content and / or services of the site will be resolved by the Courts of the Hellenic Republic for the exclusion of any other jurisdiction.
For any questions or clarifications regarding the content of this statement, please contact us το info@diavlosbooks.gr
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