What operating system and browser should I have in order to browse through www.diavlosbooks.com?
You can browse www.diavlosbooks.com with all the operating systems. The node is supported by all modern browsers (note for Internet Explorer: compatibility with version 9.0 and later). For full functionality, you must have Javascript enabled.
Is additional software necessary to take advantage of www.diavlosbooks.com?
Absolutely none. Any content added to the site is designed to fully meet the specifications of any browser.
When node is refreshed?
All the time! All you have to do is connect to www.diavlosbooks.com  to find out about recent and upcoming releases, bestsellers of  Diavlos, news, events, etc.
How can I use search engine?
Each time you submit queries for search, in the relevant field on the main page, the database will return the relevant book titles. If you do not know all or part of the title of the book or the author's name, you can give representative keywords from the topic you are looking for.
Is it possible to install a cookie on my computer, i.e a file that records data and tracks my movements?
No. If this is deemed necessary for commercial reasons, there will be an announcement in the node. Nevertheless, you can always block cookies on your computer
How will my personal information given in the Member Registration, may be used?
Diavlos  SA Book Publishing may only use statistics derived from the processing of aggregate data. Under no circumstances he will use personal data without the prior approval  of the interested parties. At any time you reserve the right to update or block further processing of your information, pursuant to Article 13 of Law 2472/97.
Diavlos  SA Book Publishers declare that they take all the necessary measures to safely store user data sent over the Internet using state-of-the-art software (SSL encryption protocol). To protect your electronic transactions, you are transferred through the secure server of Alpha Bank or PayPal.
Can I use content I find published on www.diavlosbooks.com?
If you wish to use content of the www.diavlosbooks.com web site to provide information to visitors of your site, you can use material, provided  reference is made to the source (DIAVLOS Publications).
For further information on the available content, you can contact us by e-mail at info@diavlosbooks.gr or by calling 210-3631169 (c/o Mrs. E. Costopoulou).