Flora Graeca Sibthorpiana - Προσιτή Έκδοση / Popular Edition / Volksausgabe

Flora Graeca Sibthorpiana - Προσιτή Έκδοση / Popular Edition / Volksausgabe
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    Rainer Scheppelmann
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    In 1787, John Sibthorp took over the botanical department of Botany at Oxford University.

    Sibthorp chose Hellenic Flora as a subject of study, and provided the necessary funds to finance a costly expedition.

    He first visited Vienna to study the oldest surviving manuscript of Dioscorides, who recorded around 60 AD the medicinal plants of the Mediterranean world.

    He managed to persuade illustrator Ferdinand Bauer to follow him as a botanical draughtsman on the journey. In 1786 and 1787 they travelled to Greece, the Aegean, West Anatolia and Cyprus.

    Sibthorp showed the drawings of Dioscorides to locals, and they led him to the sides where they could see the plants. He collected over 1.000 plant specimens, while Ferdinand Bauer sketched the plants on the spot and provided his drawings with color codes, which he later used to paint the pictures.

    The result was one of the most important works in the history of Botany: 10 volumes, issued 1806-1840, after the death of Sibthorp, with 100 pictures of the rich flora of Greece.

    The book had only one disadvantage: its cost; and as a consequence the fact that the general public had never seen this work.

    Due to its high price, only 60 copies were published in total. They disappeared in libraries and private collections and were, up to now, accessible only to experts.

    This new book presents, 200 years after its first publication, a three-language (German, English and Greek) affordable version of Flora Graeca.
    It contains 250 engravings from the 966 of the 1806-1840 edition, engravings of the plants that we obviously meet today in Greece.

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